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a six-week, pleasure-centered
workshop on Project Management and Organizational Intelligence.

for creatives, grassroots workers, program managers, non-profit workers and managers, executives and individuals who want to use data to engage community and encourage more flow in their work and life. 

led by PMP certified project manager and data analyst with experience in GRO, creative, and tech worlds. 

May 17th-
June 21st

2 hr. session
Every Wednesday

Zoom: 6pm-8pm MST. 


Concepts We'll Cover:


(hover for more info on each)

Data Activation is exactly what is sounds like: activating the data we collect and putting it to use in decision-making and solution creation. We only make data-driven decisions. 


In this workshop, we'll explore different types of data (not just numbers), methods of analyzing that data (not just with software, but yes, that too), and techniques we can use to draw the stories and solutions from our findings. 

Change Management is the process of keeping development scaled and in flow so that organizations and/or the projects we complete do not get overwhelmed with change, grow too quickly, or get stuck for too long. 

Data Activation & Change Management

Toluwanimi Obiwole is a certified Project Management Professional with 7 years experience leading, creating and analyzing projects across a wide variety of industries. Her intellectual home is in grassroots organizing, having written grants, consulted, and facilitated for several non-profits and organizations across the US. She wields her
passion for data activism, community engagement, creativity and expression to help folks create new futures grounded in justice practice, social equity, and pleasure. 

Your Instructor


Joy & Pleasure in Strategic Thinking

Having a joyous center for our work is essential for us not to feel enslaved by it. Particularly for those of us working in stewarding more liberating, connected, joyous social ecosystems, our work reciprocates the joy we put into it. 

In some tech circles, the concept of Human Centered Design can help us create products that we can say bring value to our customers. For non-corporate and grassroots organizations, the experiences and environments we help produce should bring value that can (but not always, nor should it always) be measured by the humans we serve as well as keep us accountable in our work.  


In this course, we'll go over how to think about designing our strategies and using strategic thinking from a place of joy.   

Agile Project Management has most often been used as a method of managing software delivery that prioritizes the user experience, continuous improvement and delivery of software over heavy process documentation. 

It is ideal for smaller teams with diverse skillsets. 

In this class, we'll look at Agile methodologies from a mostly non-technical perspective, using instead roadmaps for social and cultural technologies. The beautiful thing is, the technical and non-technical applications of Agile, are essentially the same.

Agile Project Management Fundamentals

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Learn Agile Project Management Principles 

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